Engineering Services

  • Mechanic Installation Project Preparation
  • Mechanic Installation Proposal Preparation
  • Mechanic Installation Consulting And Inspection Service

Heating Installation Systems

  • Individual And Central Heating Systems
  • Ground Heating Systems
  • Heating Automation Systems

Alternative Energy Resources Systems

  • Air / Water Resourced Heat Pumps
  • Solar Collectors
  • Economizers
  • Condensationed Heating Boilers
  • System Technic – Control Panes – Automation

Fire Equipment And Plumbing Installation

  • Wet System Fire Extinguishing Systems
  • Dry System Exclusive Places Fire Extinguishing Systems

Industrial Processes

Mechanical Infrastructure Systems Installment

Air Conditioning Installation Systems

  • Central Air Conditioning Systems And Automations
  • VRF Air Conditioning Systems
  • Multi Inverter And Inverter System Air Conditioners

Ventilation Installation Systems

  • Central Ventilation Installation
  • Local System Ventilation Installation
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation Installation
  • Conditioned Ventilation Installation

Special Electro Mechanic Processes

  • Otomation
  • Electricity

Vacuclean Dust Absurbtion Systems