Ar Tesisat Engineering

Our company was established in September 1988 and has been providing continous service for 29 years. Our main field of business is mechanical installation (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire and special processes), Project - undertaking work. Business demands we receive are evaluated without distinction. Coordinating with architectural groups and other professional groups is a key element of our business credibility. Our company has been a partner of Viessmann since 1997.

Mechanical Engineer Serkis Delgi

General Coordinator

Mechanical Engineer Serkis Delgi 1959 Born in Malatya. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Malatya. In 1980, he graduated from Yıldız Technical University as a mechanical engineer. It belongs to professional organizations such as MMO - TTMD - MIAD. For 33 years, he has continued his profession with confidence and respect, with every new job being a new beginning principle, believing in his customers and his teammates who work with him. Business understanding; It is based on the principle that existence exists, and that coexistence is absolutely possible.

Mechanical Engineer Mari Bağa

Project Coordinator

Mechanical Engineer Mari Baga born in 1975 at Hatay. In 1996, she graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Akdeniz University. She has been working in our company since 1997. Our company is an enthusiastic and motivated engineer. With her studies, she is enthusiastic and sharing with both her team and the customers.